Donations Kindly Accepted

Items Needed...

Monetary Donations are always needed to help with medical costs for the animals and for spay/neutering and age appropriate vaccinations.

 Monetary donations can be made by  links below or directly thru paypal to [email protected]


Disclaimer; any funds received over and above the budget of the solicited purpose will be put into the general fund. Any funds donated will be used to the care of animal only while in the rescue care, any funds remaining will be used for other animals' vet care that are within the nonprofit rescue while said funds remain. If their care does not cost as much as estimated remaining funds will help other animals in rescue for any vet care.


We will only reimburse fosters for items prior approved and indicated necessary by our treating vet at time requested or needed(with director approval), not for future care or care of their personal animals.

Any additional funds left over will go to other animals or programs or will be donated to another animal in need within our rescues we currently partner and work with.








Also Needed are:



-blankets / sheets

-paper towels

-spot cleaners

-dog toys

-dog food (puppy and adult)

-dog collars (all sizes)

-dog leashes

-dog treats


-laundry detergent

-medium/large plastic bins

-dog/cat shampoo

-flea / tick treatments

-antibiotic lotions & creams

-garbage bags

-baby gates

-play yard fences

-baby wipes

-animal clothes

- cat and kitten items such as litter -food - toys etc also needed   


WISH LIST:   Digital Camera

Help Keep Shelter Roof Over Animals' Heads
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We were recently subjected to theft which has resulted in adoption funds that we had just pciked up from stores and an adoption event the evening before being taken which was for our monthly rent and utilities at the shelter facility. Without this money we will be subjected to daily late fees for unpaid rent and could possibly lose the facility if unpaid. 

Police were called and have been investigating. Not only were our funds stolen but a volunteers wallet, ID and credot cards along with her wedding ring as she took it off to not get it damaged or dirty while working with the animals and volunteering that day (bathing animals, cleaning, loading, setting up etc.). 

We Could use your help to keep the roof over the animals' head. Please help by donating. Any amount will help and is tax deductible as we are non-profit 501c3 organization.

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