Who Mavyn is...

Mavyn is an organization currently operated out of Phoenix, Arizona.   We DO NOT intake animals. Instead, we assist the families that have Been there to help out AMerica by their service in the military or firefighter that are on hard times needing assistance for their pet We are not for profit organization designed to help as many Military and Firefigheter animals' families as possible. We operate strictly from donations.


We do not have a facility and are not Veterinarians so we cannot advise you the Vet care to provide. We will direct you to a Licensed Veterinarian. We are not intaking/caring for your unwanted pets. We may direct you to a rescue that is currently possibly intaking animals but will not guarantee they are able to take your animal as that is based on their capacity at that time. 


Our Mission...

Our mission is to help saves lives while educating the general public and pet owners. We help educate families of the importance to not have their beloved pet suffer at their end of life. We help educate the general public  the importance to spay, neuter, and vaccinate their pets.

One of our main focuses is to assist the families of United States of America military or firefighters (past or present) with offsetting some of the costs of End of Life Humanly Euthanizing Veterinarian care. It is not a Guarantee that  you will receive assistance as it is based on funds on hand and  verification of application. 






Why was Mavyn formed?

Mavyn was formed and founded because we waanted to help military and firefighter families so their loved pets would not have to suffer at the end of their lifespans.

 Too many animals suffer as they age, or are plagued with life-threatening illnesses, or due to other circimstances beyond one's control. Often times the families are experiencing hard times financially themselves. They do not wish for their loved per and family member to have to go through the end of life stages by hurting and wish to be able to procide Licensed Veterinarian Care to Hamanly Euthanize their pets and end their suffering. Some families after a  long battle with the pets' health conditions have tried everything possible to them which have also possibly drained them financially. Our rescue is here to assist with some of the burden to assist in offsetting part of the Euthanasia costs. We do Verify military or firefighter status. We do Verify Licensed Veterinarian Care/costs.  


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