Who Mavyn is...

Mavyn is an animal rescue currently operated out of Phoenix, Arizona.   We currently help dogs and cats,. We are not for profit organization designed to help as many animals as possible. We operate strictly from donations.


Our screened foster homes provide loving temporary care until we are able to find them well matched, carefully screened forever homes. By working with local veterinarians, trainers, and boarding facilities we are able to give proper medical care to the animals in our program. We also serve as a resource to our community and all pet owners by providing education and information on responsible pet ownership, including the importance of spay/neuter, keeping your pet warm during winter months, and proper care and vaccination for your animal.


Our Mission...

Our mission is to help saves lives while educating the general public and pet owners.

One of our main focuses is to assist stray animals in shelters and animal control facilities whenever possible by placing them in one of our foster homes while we work to find a permanent adoptive family. In most cases, without our help, these animals would be euthanized and become another statistic.






Why was Mavyn formed?

Mavyn was formed and founded because too many animals die an unnecessary death and with more animal rescues, more animals have a chance to live and not end up an euthanasia statistic.  The Director of Mavyn has always been around animals, rescuing them, rehabilitating them, and working to find them loving homes. The Director was brought up working with not only dogs and cats, but horses, mules, chickens, rabbits, fish, deer and other wonderful animals, both pets and wild animals alike.

 Too many animals are killed each year at the local kill shelters due to overpopulation and with recues like Mavyn, some of the animals can be saved and have a chance to live and love their new owners. Many of the animals killed were healthy, well-behaved animals who could have made someone a wonderful pet. They were killed because there wasn't enough room to keep them until homes could be found for them or necessary funding and resources available at the shelters. Rescues are one answer to help - by providing temporary foster homes until forever homes can be found.


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